Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Current Situation - Lack of Space is Driving me Nuts!

This temporary housing thing SUCKS with a Capital S!!!  Everytime I go grocery shopping, I'm quickly reminded of just how little space we have and it's driving me NUTS!

On the flip side, being that we are downsizing from Heartland's Nantucket II which had insane space, having to live in this Patio Home has been 10 months of rehab in bringing us back down to reality!  And for me personally, it has been an amazing experience in the sense that I've learned so much about life in general and it's strengthened my faith just that much more, and it's also allowing me to appreciate our Rome to the fullest!  Whereas before this experience, I was feeling like we were losing so much by selling our house and deciding to downsize!  Well now I know we didn't lose ANYTHING!  We have GAINED SO MUCH all the way around, and the Rome is PERFECT and I'm ready to GO!  

I've come a long way though LOL!  Because when we first moved, I cried like a baby the first 2 weeks in this Patio poor family, dealing with my melt downs and crying spells over this or that LOL!  Looking back on it I can just do nothing but Laugh!  God has a way of getting you ready for things LOL!  I remember the first week, I saw a centipede in our bedroom...OMG...boy did I cry that night.  I DO NOT do Spiders LOL! Then the next day I saw another one in the kitchen!  I cried again!  At that point, I said, God if you let me not see anymore Centipedes I will stop my crying and constant complaining about this patio home.  NOTE: I said constant complaining, I didn't say I would totally stop complaining LOL!  Anyway, He got the point - because from that prayer forward I didn't see anymore centipedes!  LOL!

10 months in, this journey has now made me appreciate the little things in life like Garbage Disposals, Peep Holes in the Front Door, Refrigerators with Ice and Water that doesn't taste like freakin GARLIC, Furnaces that Work in the winter, and just the everyday things that most people take for granted because this place LACKS IT ALL!!!  I call this place Perfume on a Pig!  It looks pretty on the outside but it really isn't!   I'm sick of dumping food in the garbage because we have no garbage disposal, im sick of yelling like I'm a maniac when someone rings the doorbell because there's no window or peep hole on the dum door, and I'm sick of storing food on the kitchen table because there's not adequate cabinets and the Pantry is a JOKE!!

 So July 2nd, please hurry up and get here!  Ok I'm done complaining.  LOL! Oh, here are some pictures for your amusement LOL!

No Room in Cabinets for all Our Food! So our kitchen table has become a make shift storage area comprised of a Costco box in the back to give it some stability LOL!

Whoever Designed this PANTRY is an IDIOT!  You tell me how we're suppose to reach food that's in back of the first row without taking everything out smh!  This is by far the most irritating feature of this kitchen!

This Freezer/Refrigerator Sucks! It opens backwards! And just don't even shop for more then a weeks worth of food at a time or you'll get home and seriously regret it LOL!

Kitchen is super tiny!  I HATE IT!  I can't wait to enjoy my new kitchen.  I have been on a 10 month hiatus from cooking! I vowed to not cook in this kitchen when we moved in...another one of my crying spells LOL.  Thank God my honey and boys love to cook!  They have been holding us down in the kitchen.  I have cooked a few times and that has consisted of  Spaghetti and Hot Sausage Meals and that's it LOL!  I just really can't do this kitchen! So I have alot of making up to do - I promised them I would cook 5 Days a Week once we move and I'm looking forward to it!  LOL :)

We gave our first floor Master to our youngest son because I don't like to sleep on the first floor.  So yes, this is the closet we had to use and it is a HOT MESS!  I'm a very neat and organized person and very particular when it comes to our closet.  However looking at this Mess you would never guess LOL!   Normally everything is put together based on colors, seasons etc.  Well not in this closet - I threw my hands up - just fit it in there and be glad it fits LOL!  And as you see, we literally jam packed the essentials into this closet!  Needless to say, the majority of our clothes had to remain in boxes or in my sons Master Closet LOL!  Those Rome dual Master Bedroom Closets are looking lovely right about now!  I can't wait to organize our closets! :)


  1. Oh girlfriend I feel your pain. We went from a house to an apartment for two years. The last 2 months before closing, I went on strike! I wouldn't lift a finger and I just didn't care! Hang in there, it will be here before you know it!

  2. Thank you Chrissie!! It's good to know I'm not just being bratty and that someone else can relate to what I'm going through LOL! :)

  3. I remember having to do the very same thing and the faith, patience and trust that I gained was tremendous. Every friday we thought we would hear the good news and each friday turned into 52 weeks. Yep, an entire year. Enjoy the ride will be pleased when you get the keys. :-)

  4. I love this post! You sound so good natured about it overall. You have to laugh at these seasons of life we're handed. God has a purpose in all of them. Enjoy the ride and learn what you can from it.

  5. Thank you Nadase. I'll be glad when keys are in hand!! And Jessica, thank you - that is so TRUE!! God's plan is never wrong! That is why I keep strong in faith and I may have my moments as we all do in life, but I always get up, dust myself off and say ok lets do this and know that God has my back every step of the way! He is so Good! His favor is just amazing!