Thursday, May 29, 2014

Update Weeks 9 thru 10 - Flooring, Cabinets, Carpet, Appliances - ALL DONE

Sorry for the late update guys.  Week 9 was actually the Week of the 18th.   Our house is pretty much done.  The punch out guy is there now putting on the final touches.

Week 9 - They installed our flooring, kitchen cabinets, and first coat of paint.  All the hall and kitchen flooring was covered and protected by cardboard.  Carpet was installed last in Week 10.

Week 10 - Our house is pretty much done.  So during this week they installed the Carpet, Kitchen Appliances, and Faucets. 

The Punch Out guy is there now putting on the final touches.  He is the man who basically inspects the house before the inspection aka Pre Settlement meeting and makes sure everything is done and wraps up what was not done.  Everything is pretty much in except for the shoe mold, 2nd coat of paint, White Column on Porch, Mirror in Hall Bathroom upstairs, and a few other minor things.

Living Room

Powder Room

Dining Room

Powder Room

First Floor Office

Family Room

Kitchen Dishwasher - Standard Black

Kitchen - Standard Black Range

Double Bowl Stainless Steel Standard Sink 

(I was disappointed this has no hole for a sprayer - so we will have to upgrade the faucet instead)

Master Bedroom and Sitting Area

1st Master Bedroom Closet

1st Master Bedroom Closet - Other Side

Master Bathroom with Double Bowl Sinks

Master Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom Toilet

Master Bathroom Garden Tub

2nd Master Bedroom Closet off the Bathroom - This one is all Mine! LOL!

2nd Master Bedroom Closet - Other Side

Hall Bathroom

Hall Bathroom 
DIY Project: Small Cbinet will be replace with a Larger Cabinet/Counter Top ASAP.

Hall Closet
I was so happy it didn't have that pole down the middle :)

Laundry Room

Upstairs Hallway

Bedroom 3 - I think LOL

Bedroom 3 Closet - I think

4th Bedroom - This will be my 2nd Office

4th Bedroom - Closet

Hall with View of Loft with 2 Foot Extension from Elevation C



Our Backyard

Our Backyard

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