Sunday, April 20, 2014

Progress Week 5: Windows, Doors and HVAC Installed

This is a quick update.  I didn't get to talk to my PM this week because it was a busy week.  But I road by yesterday and the Windows and Doors are installed and the guys were there doing the Brick to Grade.  And I believe last week he said the Heating and Cooling would be installed this week as well which I could kind of see it's silver remnants inside the house from the street.  I can't remember if he said electrical too.

Our Pre-Drywall meeting is going to be scheduled this week.  This is all going so fast my head is spinning LOL!  I will update this post later to let you know exactly what all was done this week. 

Update:  I did confirm that all Electrical, Heating and Cooling had been installed this week.

Rome with Windows and Doors Installed

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Progress Week 4: Turned a Hole into a House! Our Rome is UP! OMG It's Massive!

So on Monday my PM called and said they were going to start framing the house on Tuesday when I went on Thursday they had the first floor framing done.  Now today is Saturday - the whole house is UP!  WOW! Talk about FAST! My PM said the roof would be on by Friday but I guess it didn't seem real at that time lol.  So that took about 4 days for framing.  I can't believe our house is UP!  It is really starting to feel real! This is super exciting!  It's funny because when we went to see the Model in Virginia - it was the original layout - but we have the Reverse Floor Plan - ok call me dum - But I can't figure out looking at it from the outside what's what and whose room is where, which windows are in which room..oh boy LOL!  So it's gonna be kind of fun and interesting going in for the first time and seeing how it's all layed out LMBO!

I have been working 12 and 15 hour days all week - I am mentally and physically exhausted and stressed out!  I will be so happy when this is all done and keys are in hand so I can exhaul!  I'm gonna just drop to my knees and Praise God!  Oh, and probably have a good ol happy cry too!

This has been a long and hard last 7 months. Downsizing and selling what we thought was our dream home was really tough!  But I'm so glad we did.  All the days I cried about it - now I totally see what God was doing - it was actually a blessing!  Like they say, wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plans and He'll show you what He has planned for you!  And I actually like Gods plan much better!  I honestly don't even think about the old house too much anymore.  Rome is now our new dream home and in my eyes, it's just as gorgeous.  I just want to have a permanent place to call home again and some normalcy. Ok enough ranting. Sorry.  LOL!  Here are some pics :)

Our Rome - Elevation C with Morning Room


Monday, April 7, 2014

We Got Lumber and Windows and Doors Oh My! :)

Went to check out the site today and the Lumber, Windows and Doors have all been delivered.  I can't believe how fast it's going.  I can't wait to see the progress on Friday :)

Previous Builders - how long did it take them to frame your house?  Just Curious.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SAVE MONEY on Property Taxes! Apply for Tax Abatement!

Did you know you can SAVE MONEY on your Property Taxes!  I am not sure which states offer this Tax Abatement.  However, in my state which is Pennsylvania it applies to the county I am building in which is Allegheny County.

We get a Tax Abatement that saves us 50% on the first years Property Tax for New Construction Homes.  You pay the tax like you normally would and then you receive a refund check for the tax abatement.  Nice!  Every bit helps.  Ps. Some states get 100% Tax Abatement which is awesome!

So if you are building in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County - you can apply for your Tax Abatement here:  Tax Abatement Information and Application.   

Note:  The form says its expired, but I called the Tax Abatement office and the program is still in effect and you still submit the expired form in order to apply.  LOL!

Your SR will normally inform you of this program at your first meeting when you signed your application to build and also give you the application.  You will need to get a copy of your Builders Permit once they get it as it must be sent in with the application.  If your SR does not mention this Tax Abatement, MAKE SURE you ask about it to see if its available in your State/County.  It could save you THOUSANDS!

Hope this tip helps and you guys can save some money!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Progress Week 3: We Got Walls! Rome Walls now in Place :)

Owwwww....getting so excited!!!  Went out to our future home today and the wall are now in place.  The guys were working hard! I can see the framing being up before we know it!  :)

We Got Walls - Project Manager just sent me This Pic. Sweeeet!!!!