Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Got Our Closing Date! Woohoo!! :)

We just found out our closing date will be July 2nd!!!  I can not wait until this long journey is over and we get our keys to our new dream home.  God is so Good!   :)

Ps.  Don't forget our closing is delayed per our request due to the fact that we are in a lease until August.  Normally our closing would have probably been June 2nd or so.


  1. God is very good! Congrats :-)

  2. Hi Neighbor! I just found your blog! I didn't blog but I wish I had. I do read others and stumbled on yours. Yay on the closing date! I couldn't agree more God is so good! Even after a year here I still look at my home and am so thankful. It was a journey from renting to owning our first home. Take Care and see you soon!


  3. Yes you are BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!!! CONGRATS!!!! on your closing date!!!