Sunday, June 1, 2014

NVR Final Conditions Letter - At what Point Did you Get it?

So for anyone who is further along then us or who has already closed - at what point did you get your final conditions letter and lock your rate with NVR?  We're still waiting to hear from them on final financials required, balance due at closing, lock rate for mortgage etc.

 Let The Waiting Game Begin!
As we Wait, and Wait, and Wait LOL! Funny Pic!


  1. Hey there! NVR contacted me about locking in the rate last week. Didn't lock because the market is still working for the buyer right now. I asked NVR for a cost estimate with the numbers they have now and they emailed it to me. I was told that the final numbers will be ready about 14-20 days before closing.

  2. We used NVR and we locked in our interest rate about 3-4 weeks before closing and about a week later they gave us a conditional letter. They also estimated a closing cost that was way off ....we used VA and they had included charges that shouldn't have been included. We notified them immediately and they said they were going to take care of it. So we really didn't know our exact amount that we had to get the cashiers check for until about 3:30pm the day before our closing date. We stopped by the bank and got the cashiers check then headed to the closing agent's office. Thank God for our closing being at 10am. Once we got all the paper work and figures back we actually got a refund so they cut us a check right there on the spot.

    1. I am doing a VA home loan too. What charges did they add on that shouldnt have been included? It seems like there are so many I dont even know what could be right or wrong.

  3. At about 50 days out we started getting daily emails of current rates- I hear this isn't the norm and we were pretty lucky. We got our final clear to close letter about 2 weeks before we closed. And the final amount, oh good luck! Our changed by THOUSANDS of dollars throughout the process and then we somehow ended up with a refund. But I had to call and bug them, starting a week before we closed, then 5 days, then 3 days then the day before we closed I was told to and I quote "bring a check book just in case." Awesome. I love my home but I will never work with NVR again!

  4. Oh my. Well this is all good information to know. I just pray everything goes smoothly. We may have a slight delay as we are still waiting for some paperwork from one of our conditions to be processed. Hopefully not. Please pray for us to close on time.

  5. The wait is OVER! Paperwork Arrived the other day!

  6. I got closing cost was off but in a good way - about $1400 less then what they estimated :)