Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Progress Week 3: We Got Walls! Rome Walls now in Place :)

Owwwww....getting so excited!!!  Went out to our future home today and the wall are now in place.  The guys were working hard! I can see the framing being up before we know it!  :)

We Got Walls - Project Manager just sent me This Pic. Sweeeet!!!!


  1. Alright, Alright, are on your way...exciting!!!!

  2. They build so fast, they have it down to a science. We are waiting for a revised building permit because the one they had was for a different model house. We switched to a bigger lot. From your photos I see Ryan likes to build on hills, make sure that drainage system works good! Our lot has a small hill as well.

  3. Hi Russell: Yes they do LOL! Wow, that's a bummer. When do they plan to start construction? And yes, we will have a Sump Pump which is standard because of the hillside so that will help to prevent any drainage or leakage problems.

    It's not so much that Ryan likes to build on hillsides I think there is just a lack of flat land, especially in Pennsylvania which is a bummer LOL. My mom is building in Ohio - she has a nice 100% flat lot! Lots of flat land in Ohio!

    Keep me posted on when they start digging :)