Friday, March 28, 2014

Progress Week 2: Footers Now in Place for Our Rome :)

Footers have now been been poured!
This week they poured the footers for our Rome.  The way our Project Manager explained it - the footers will hold the walls in which the home will sit on. 

So this will sit over the weekend and next week he said weather pending, they should be ready to pour the Walls :)

They are shooting to have lumber delivered around April 6th, again, weather pending.

So far, this weather has been weird and unpredictable to say the least her in Pennsylvania.  The day after the first day of spring it snowed.  Today the weather is nice.  So who the who knows what it will be like next week.

Will keep you posted :)


  1. That's exciting! The weather has been crazy this season.

  2. Thanks Jessica! And Yes!! Is Spring ever gonna arrive! Uggh lol

  3. Hi Jennifer, I just found your blog and added to my list, feel free to check mine out and follow! Congratulations!! It flies from here- we close in about 3 weeks and I swear they broke ground a week ago!

  4. Thanks everyone! Yes, very exciting!!

    Hi Chrissie: Congratulations on your house! It's gorgeous!! I followed your blog as well :)