Thursday, April 3, 2014

SAVE MONEY on Property Taxes! Apply for Tax Abatement!

Did you know you can SAVE MONEY on your Property Taxes!  I am not sure which states offer this Tax Abatement.  However, in my state which is Pennsylvania it applies to the county I am building in which is Allegheny County.

We get a Tax Abatement that saves us 50% on the first years Property Tax for New Construction Homes.  You pay the tax like you normally would and then you receive a refund check for the tax abatement.  Nice!  Every bit helps.  Ps. Some states get 100% Tax Abatement which is awesome!

So if you are building in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County - you can apply for your Tax Abatement here:  Tax Abatement Information and Application.   

Note:  The form says its expired, but I called the Tax Abatement office and the program is still in effect and you still submit the expired form in order to apply.  LOL!

Your SR will normally inform you of this program at your first meeting when you signed your application to build and also give you the application.  You will need to get a copy of your Builders Permit once they get it as it must be sent in with the application.  If your SR does not mention this Tax Abatement, MAKE SURE you ask about it to see if its available in your State/County.  It could save you THOUSANDS!

Hope this tip helps and you guys can save some money!

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