Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here is our Lot for our Rome Model with Ryan Homes

This is our Lot and Future Home Site :)
Here is the lot we picked - I think I forgot to post it earlier LOL!  Not too crazy about the hillside but this lot had no premium which was important for us to keep cost down. 
We will have an underground basement which was a must for us as I am not a fan of walkout basements.  Other then the hillside behind the house - the lot is very flat.  I think we'll love it :)

One downside is our community does not have sidewalks or street lights which I'm not happy about but I can live with.  Nor does it have a Club House but our HOA fees are also only $12 a month.  So those communities come at a higher cost and just depending on what you as a family are looking for in a community it may work or it may not work for your family.  It works perfectly for us as this is our 3rd time building and we've experienced the best of both worlds - both a community without a clubhouse and one with a Club House and Pool.  Honestly we never ever used the Pool and can count on one hand how many times I utilized the gym.  Not to mention our kids are grown!  So we'll take the community with no Club House/Pool for $68 a month less  please LOL!  :)

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