Thursday, March 13, 2014

OMG! Construction Starts on Monday! Pre-Construction Meeting Moved Up!

I just got a call from my SR!  They wanted to move up my Pre-Construction Meeting to Friday, tomorrow because they moved my house up on schedule so they are going to start construction on MONDAY 3/17 !!!

I am so excited! I will be so happy when this long journey of downsizing comes to a close!

Update:  So there is not too much to discuss on the Pre-Construction Meeting.  My Project Manager, Wade, was very nice!  Basically we just re-confirmed all the options he had were updated and correct from our last change meeting which everything was correct.

Some minor things we learned that we were not aware of:

Sump Pump - so since our lot is on a hillside, for precaution purposes our house will have a Sump Pump - short and sweet explanation is the Sump Pump keeps water from getting into our house/basement.

Energy Star - There is a fan that comes on every hour for 15 minutes in the upstairs hall bathroom to keep the air circulating.

Hall Bath and Master Bath - The 1 Piece Shower Units were upgraded last year to a nicer model which has little squares instead of being solid material which likes very nice.  (Once this is installed later I will upload a pic).  Aside from getting Ceramic Tile, which I can live without cleaning the grout, this is about as fancy as its gonna get in our Master Bath LOL!  I'm fine with that - since I was the one that had to take a toothbrush and bleach once a month and scrub the grout at the old house!!  NO THANK YOU!!!  LOL!!

The Depth of Our House and Backyard or NOT LOL - OK I didn't realize how HUGE this house is LOL!   The back of our house basically takes up our entire backyard LOL!  Once we add our deck/patio - there will only be a very small strip of grass to cut straight across the back of the base of the hillside and that'll be it!  So we're happy about that being that our kids are grown and no one is ever too thrilled about cutting the grass, this will be PERFECT!  I know! I know! We're kind of weird not wanting much backyard huh LOL!  BUT we really don't need it - it's more of a pain in the butt to maintain from our prospective.  Plus I'm not an outdoor person, I'm SCARED TO DEATH of Bugs and Spiders! Like really really bad!  LOL!  We do love cooking out though, so the deck will be our hangout when we do go outside. :) 

Oh, Sorry future grandbabies, Nana and Pap will just have to take you to the playground as they'll be no room for a play yard out back LOL.


  1. Congrats!!! Now the fun begins!!! :-)

  2. Wow that's fast. Very exciting!

  3. Thanks everyone! I will give an update about the meeting soon - it went well :)