Friday, February 14, 2014

In the Mortgage Approval Phase! Sheesh O Weese!

Update 2/21/14:  I'm still waiting!  This is like the longest wait EVER!!!  So annoying!  If they tell you it'll only be a few days - change that to a few weeks!  It has now been 4 long dragged out grueling weeks!  I'm hoping to hear something today or next week for sure.

I am in the mortgage approval stage and boy is it stressful!!  But I must say my Loan Officer is going above and beyond to get this thing done.  I think we should get an approval next week.  It's been a long drawn out process coming up on about 4 weeks.  I'm self employed so they want my first and second born!  It's grueling!  I have been so stressed out!  I will just be glad when its all over with and approval in hand.

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