Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Great! Crashed my Car! Thank God Nobody Hurt!

Well on Tuesday, February 18th I slide on Ice and crashed my car into the back of an 18" Wheeler Flatbed Truck who needless to say took off when the light turned green!! Just great right!  Thank God nobody was hurt!!  The damages are $4000.  Thank God again for accident forgiveness and that everything is fully covered.  I have a rental for about a month which is also covered!   So yeah, how was your week lol :)

Ps. Still waiting for NVR but Claiming a Mortgage Approval this week!


  1. Sorry about your car, but thank God no one was hurt.

  2. Yes! Thanks! And thank goodness for accident forgiveness - I was not penalized with rate increase either. God is Great!

  3. Fortunately, indeed, no one was hurt. It’s a pity that your car was damaged, but your life and the lives of everyone involved in the accident are in fact far more precious. Nevertheless, it’s also great that you had your vehicle covered. It should help you save lots of money.

    Jayson Bass

  4. Yikes! You should take more care when driving in icy roads. Fortunately, you weren't hurt, but the next time can bear something worse than a totaled bumper. I hope you learned a great deal of lesson there. I'm at least glad to know that the damages and the temporary rental car are both covered. Drive carefully and take care! :)

    Joanne Krueger @ Kurtz & Blum

  5. Glad to know that nobody was hurt, most especially you. I hope that it has proven to be a lesson about driving more responsibly. The total cost of the damage hurts just as much, don't they? I hope it doesn't happen to you again, Jen. Take care! :)

    Kim Hunter

  6. Thank you and Absolutely - eyes on the road at all times :)