Friday, February 14, 2014

Flooring Selections for our Rome - Mission Accomplished - Stuck to Standards

Our Flooring Selections - Ignore Floor to Right
I was so proud of myself!!  We did not Upgrade a Single thing! My bill was $0.  Again, goal is to keep cost down.  Our kids are grown and we have no pets.  So we will use the flooring until it needs replaced 5+ years down the road.  We may get our Hardwood sooner though.  But overall I'm very happy with our selections and even though we did not upgrade anything - I think what we picked is absolutely gorgeous.  Goal is to keep things out of our mortgage so mission accomplished!  :)

Foyer - Initiator 66204
Kitchen and Morning Room - Initiator 66204
Powder Room - Initiator 66204
Laundry Room - Initiator 66204
Hall Bath Upstairs - Initiator 66204
Master Bathroom - Initiator 66204

Living Room - Baseline 00106 White Fox
Dining Room - Baseline 00106 White Fox

Family Room - Baseline 00753 Cobble Hill (It was real hard not to upgrade this room...uggh LOL!)
1st Floor Study -  Baseline 00753 Cobble Hill
Upstairs - Baseline 00753 Cobble Hill

Standard - 6 Lb Padding
Railing Stain:  Chestnut


  1. Despite the temptation to upgrade the flooring, thank goodness me and my wife walked out of the flooring company with a $0 balance. Next is the finalization meeting then the pre-construction meeting. We will be hiring a housing inspector just for peace of mind. This guy has done work for family and friends and came highly recommended. After speaking with him I found out that he is a former inspector with Ryan homes-I hope that's a good thing lol.

  2. WOW Russell!! That's GREAT!! Keep that price down low right LOL! We can always upgrade later and not have to pay for it Interest x 30 Years! That's how smart buyers build :)

    That is a really good idea! I may need to look into doing that is well. It never crossed my mind. But with all the mistakes that can happen - I think its an EXCELLENT decision! Is it expensive?

  3. Hey Jennifer!
    The inspector costs vary in cost. I will have him come out for three phases, 1) Foundation 2) Pre-drywall and 3) Final walk through. That will cost between eight and nine hundred dollars. Here is the link to the company my inspector works for-they will explain the different price options:

  4. Thanks Russell. I'm not sure if we will do this but it is good information to have.

  5. Hi Jennifer! I have a quick question. When you were at your flooring appointment did they give you an option to do a laminate that resembles hardwood? They used to offer this but we were told they got rid of that flooring option last year. We're in the process of picking out options now so I was curious if it was the same everywhere. Thanks!