Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ryan Homes Option for Garage Floor Drain - To Add or Not to Add

Ryan Homes gives you the option to add a Floor Drain in your Garage.  Some community SRs will make you feel like you absolutely must add this and you will be a fool not to.  Others will tell you they built their home or have sold homes where people typically do not add it and that they've never had an issue.  So this of course made me very confused since I was told 2 different things by the SRs LOL!  Who do you believe? Ugh!   So after doing a little research, I decided to remove the $595 option.  I hope I don't regret this. Cringe lol.
If you do not get a floor drain, Ryan Homes will slightly sloop your garage floor (not even a noticeable difference) so if you ever do get water pouring from your cars, it will simply run outside of the garage door.  I just can't see this happening or ever even being an issue as I've never seen water pouring off our cars and if it does it normally dries and evaporates LOL.

Here is why we're NOT getting a Floor Drain in the Garage:

  • We don't wash our cars in the garage (I had never heard of such a thing, but I guess in the winter alot of people do this LOL)
  • Very Rarely do we pull our cars in the Garage and they are dripping wet with snow and water.  We don't get much snow and rain and if we do, I'm surely not driving in it! LOL!
  • We've always had floor drains and never have seen that much water pouring off our cars where it even remotely reached the floor drain. So they kind of seem pointless!
  • I've read some reviews where people that do have floor drains have issues with them getting clogged with dirt etc.  Again, I can't see us having that much drainage from our cars. Never seen that happen in the past.
  • Worse case scenario - which I doubt will ever happen - we can always add one later
  • I'm not paying for an option in our mortgage that cost $595 plus interest plus 30 years that I can see having very little value
Anyone ponder over this?  Please share your comments before my 14 Days are up for changes LOL.


  1. man never thought of it that way. in my area we have drainage issues so much so that sump pumps are standard. $600 in my area is better safe than sorry, I guess?

  2. Denise - I think you're right!! This has really been bothering me. And I would hate for it to continue to bother me once they start building and then its too late to change. So I'm going to go ahead and add it :)

  3. I only considered it because I thought my husband would like to have it; but he didn't. This made me happy so I used the money for another option and besides I take the car to the car wash. I really am not into cleaning cars at all. lol

  4. So much back and forth on this option of adding the floor drain in the garage. We actually ended up NOT adding it after talking with our SR and Project Manager - it's really not needed unless you wash your car in your garage which we would NEVER EVER do LOL! We actually do have a Sump Pump's standard because our lot sits at the hillside.

  5. Hello. Did you move into your Rome yet ? Would like to know your ending experience. We are considering getting a Rome built in

  6. Yes, we are all moved in. We moved in on July 10th. I absolutely LOVE IT!! If you start on the homepage of my Blog, you can follow my journey and read my experience :)