Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Guardian Protection Pre-Wire Meeting and Selections

Your pre-wire meeting consist of meeting with Guardian and it will cover Alarm Systems, and placement and selection of Internet, Cable, Sound Systems, Telephone Jacks, etc. anything electrical pretty much. If you do not know what comes free with your home - check with your SR as every community and state is different.  Your Guardian rep will know this information as well.

When you get to this step, make sure you take time BEFORE your meeting to thoroughly go over your floor plan and start making some basic decisions on where you want furniture placement.  For example - you will need to know what wall your want your TVs to go on, where you want your telephone plugs, cable outlets, internet plugs, and if you work from home where you want your outlets for phone/internet and desk.  Doing this at the last minute in front of your Guardian rep is definitely not recommended as it leaves room for mistakes that possibly can't be fixed later.  So do some PRE-PLANNING and save yourself a headache later.

Here are our Selections:

Guardian Standard Alarm Package - We just went w/the basic package as we are current Guardian customers and called the 800 number and our rep told us we can add on later and they will give us a discount for additional door or window sensors.  But MAKE SURE you at least put the Standard Basic Alarm Package in place that way its all pre-wired and ready to add onto.

6 Single Wall Plate Outlets (free)
1 Telephone Jack (free)
5 Cable Outlets (free)
2 Single Wall Plate Outlet (Cable) $95 each

3 High Speed Digital Flat Panel Prewire (free)
3 Same Stud Bay High Speed HDMI $330 Each (This is to Wall Mount our TVs up High)

We are adding our Guardian cost to our down payment as we don't want it to be in the mortgage.

  • If you want to Wall Mount your TVs you would definitely add Wall Mount Pre-Wire - they do not hang your TV - but all the wires are put up high so you can easily do so. This is rather messy or complicated to add later.
  • Internet Jacks - Remember you will have a Wireless box in your basement from your internet service provider that hooks into your homes pre-wire.  So its not necessary to add Internet Plugs in every room.  We just added them where we wanted a direct connection.
  • If you want to hook up a blue ray player etc., make sure you get the proper HDMI pre-wires. 
  • Basically if you tell your Guardian rep what you want to do in each room - a good rep can advice you on what type of Pre-Wire to add.


  1. This was smart Jennifer!! We over spent in this area. Great post! However, our biggest purchase was the central vacuum and crumb catcher which I would not trade in at all. We love it.

  2. That sounds like a neat upgrade! So How does it work? I didn't even knew it existed...thank goodness LOL! :)