Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ryan Homes Incentives - Know Your Options!

Ryan Homes typically has a monthly incentive for the community.  It may varies from state to state how they allocate the incentive.  Most  states have the incentive for the entire community and all models, while others put the incentive on certain models and even certain home sites (lots).  Our city has the incentive for the entire community and any model. 

Typically Incentives are better towards year end because they are trying to meet their sales quotas for the year ;)  So if you are not pressed to buy right away and your community has many lots available - you may want to wait until year end to buy your home.  Typically the best deals on incentives start around October or so and run until the end of December.   It really just depends on supply and demand and where they are at with their sales quotas for any particular community.  But you can almost always count on some type of incentive to be running at any given time!  We lucked out and the December incentive was extended into January.  WooHoo!  The incentive is a Free Finished Basement!  HUGE!  So we decided not to wait until February and move forward now! 

However, we already had decided that our finished basement was something that we did not want in our mortgage and that we could always get finished later down the road.  So when I met with the SR, I asked her could we use the credit toward our Morning Room and of course she said YES!  So we saved about $13,000 off the Morning Room!  And I'm a very happy camper ;)

So just know your options when being presented with your incentives!  If they have an incentive and you need to use that money elsewhere like on other options, just know to ask!

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