Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rome Model - Pondering Over Elevation C and Elevation E

When we first started this process I was dead set on Elevation C.  I had showed the SR the photo and said this is what I want! Period! LOL.  We had a different SR at that time which is now no longer there.

Virginia Model
So now that I've had a few months to think on a more rational and fiscal level LOL, I'm rethinking EVERYTHING.

So when I went back to meet with my new SR, I wanted to make sure I thoroughly researched all the other Elevations, as I didn't feel we fully had a chance to review them all and learn the features and options that each one had to offer as well as cost.

So low and behold when I started looking through them, I came to the realization that I could still get a gorgeous elevation but with great savings!

So born was Elevation E with the Front PorchWe save $3500 when comparing it to the Elevation C w/ Partial Stone Front, and still get a Gorgeous Elevation and a Front Porch!  That was a nice surprise!  For us, it's all about getting the most bang for the buck but saving as much as possible at the same time!  So we are choosing Elevation E as shown below with the Front Porch and All Siding Front with Shake Center w/ Side Car Garage.  (However, not those color options.)

I do have some questions for our SR though after looking through the pics online.  In the picture below which is from mid 2013 construction and in another state, you'll see the black roof off to the side of the peaks is different then the illustration photo below it that has that black roof extending all the way across which I actually like the look of that alot better.  So I need to ask our SR how the roof will be constructed.  From looking at the blueprints, it appears it will be designed as shown in the bottom illustration photo which if that is the case I will be very happy.  I will keep you all posted  :)

So What's the Lesson in all this Babble lol:  Just remember, when making your selections, take your time and look over ALL your options very carefully - study every single elevation, every single option for that elevation, and all the pricing options.  Cross off elevations you know you absolutely do not like, pick the ones you love and then narrow it down from there. 

Also, when you meet with your SR remember you have 14 days to make changes! (May vary per state so check with your SR)  Take that time to go home and go over EVERYTHING with a FINE TOOTH COMB to make sure you are making the right chooses for your home.  You will be surprised how many things you wind up changing your mind about after you get home and have time to just sit down and relax and look over everything on your own.  This way you can take as much time as you want without feeling any pressure to rush and being embarrassed about going back and forth 10 times changing your mind about your decision in front of your SR.  TAKE THIS TIME away from your SR at home to review and reflect on your choices - it's so important!  We saved a TON OF MONEY by doing this!    You will have your Options List Sheet with all pricing and options so that will make it easy for you to research later.

You may be pleasantly surprised like us and realize your first initial choose was not the best choose and end up getting a beautiful elevation with a little more bang for your buck and save a few thousand dollars in the interim :)

Google Photo - Elevation E w/Porch - All Siding w/Shake Center Front Garage

Google Photo - Elevation E w/Porch Partial Brick and Side Garage
Update February 14, 2014 - We changed our mind again! LOL!  We ended up doing Elevation C with All Siding.  The reason for the change is we are just really wanting to keep our cost down yet still get a beautiful home.  We never ever sit on the front porch so it's kind of a waste of money for us.   So Elevation C is where we'll be. 

Elevation C - All Siding - We choose different colors though.


  1. Good choice, E gives you more space and higher end look.

  2. Great post! Been reading a lot about choosing an elevation for my house. Thanks for sharing this!