Friday, June 27, 2014

Coming Down the Home Stretch! Final Paperwork Arrived!

So I mentioned earlier we were waiting to receive some paperwork in the mail which took
FOREVER!  So it FINALLY ARRIVED the other day and our Mortgage is now with the Underwriters for its final approval.  All conditions have been met.  So we hope to get the final go ahead to close by sometime next week.  Unfortunately, it probably won't be in enough time for us to close on July 3rd as originally planned.  So our LO has tentatively scheduled the closing for July 9th with hopes that he can move it up a little sooner if they wrap everything up by Monday or Tuesday.  Our movers are scheduled for July 11th and we have started to pack!  God is so AMAZING!  I feel Blessed and Highly Favored!  :) 

We're Coming Down the Home Stretch!
This Picture depicts how I feel perfectly LOL!

This Journey is Finally Coming to an End!   Never Doubt the
Power or Faithfulness of Our God!  He will never let you down!

I Love this Song! Listened to it Many a Nights!


  1. Congratulations. I've been checking your blog for quite a while now. You have a very nice home. Hopefully you can close before the 4th of July weekend. That would be awesome.

  2. Thank you Joel! But I don't think we will close this week. I will be lucky if it happens on the 7th but so far looks like it'll be the 9th.