Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Journey - Downsizing & Building Rome with Ryan Homes

This blog is to document our entire journey of building the Rome Model with Ryan Homes.  We will document the entire process!  Starting with the preparations that we are taking prior to meeting with with our SR and then continuing through the entire building and closing process from start to finish.  We will also continue to share with you later upgrades we will do on our own after closing!  

The purpose of this blog is to help others in their journey.  Hopefully you will walk away with some new found knowledge, or fresh ideas on how you can make the most out of your building experience and maybe even some money saving tips as well :)

This will be our 3rd time building and this time we plan to get it right!  Our first home was built with
My Old House - Nantucket II - Bye House LOL :(
Ryan Homes back in 2001, it was a Westmoreland Model, about 2400 Square Feet w/Finished Basement - we ended up outgrowing it due to the fact that I work from home.  Then in 2008 we built a Nantucket II with Heartland Homes, 6400 Square Feet w/Finished Basement, gorgeous home (picture to the right), LOVED IT, but 4 years in we realized that we built way too big and didn't need a house that massive
as the kids are grown now (20 and 24) and will be gone soon, we hope LOL. ;)  So in August of 2013, after 18 months on the market, our house FINALLY SOLD!  So now we are ready to downsize WOOHOO..thought the time would never come!  

So now we are ready to build our new idea of our Dream Home, the Rome!  Our goal is to never build or move again after this therefore, we are taking our time to think everything through!  I mean EVERYTHING!  Hence why we decided to rent a Patio Home for 1 year prior to building, and I must tell has been an eye opening experience to say the least!  I never realized how spoiled we have become LOL!  I find myself missing the small things that people take for granted like Good Lighting, Garbage Disposal, Peep Hole in Door, Ample Cabinet Space in Kitchen, and a Refrigerator with Water and Ice Dispenser to name a few LOL!  This place we stay at is beautiful, however, its nothing compared to our Nantucket. I feel like I've been displaced or living in a hotel for 4 months LOL!!  But don't get me wrong, we are blessed and so thankful our house finally sold!  Anyway, you get the point!  I'm soooooo READY TO BUILD!!  :)

With that said, the 3rd time is a Charm and this time we are going to take our time, do our research and put the knowledge of what we've learned from past experiences to use and do things the SMART WAY this time around!  I am going to SHARE EVERYTHING I've LEARNED or continue to LEARN WITH YOU IN THIS BLOG!  I've learned just from building these last two homes and I've learned even more just by researching online and reading other blogs!  So I have ALOT TO SHARE!  :)  And I know this time around we are going to SAVE A TON OF MONEY as I have learned its important to keep your money in your pocket whenever possibleI will be sharing ways to save with you in other post as well!  So please FOLLOW ME :) 

So when looking at Ryan Homes models, we fell in love with the Rome!  We even drove 6 hours to
Rome Model in Virginia that We Toured - Love it!
Virginia to see the model because they did not have one here in Pennsylvania for us to tour.  I like to see decorated models rather then empty homes being built - it gives me a better feel of the living space etc.  Let me tell you - It was a trip worthwhile!  I would never advise anyone to build a house Model unseen!  In touring the actual model vs watching the Virtual Tour on Ryan Homes website - what I found was that some spaces looked either bigger or smaller on the Virtual Tour then they did in person - this is very important to know because it could make a huge impact on your decision.  In the end, we decided the Rome Model, with its spacious and open floor plan, larger bedrooms, and 1st floor office, is perfect for our family.  It is one that we can grow old in and raise our future grandbabies  :)

We have been in constant contact with our SR since our house went on the market almost 2 years now.  So on February 28, 2014 we will be officially meeting with our SR to start our building process!  Let the Countdown begin!  Super excited!!

So please follow me as I take you along through this exciting new phase in our lives and share valuable information that you may find helpful in your own building process with Ryan Homes.  Whether you are building a Rome or another Ryan Homes model, this blog will come in handy to you through the process.



  1. WOW, you look amazing to have 2 grown children!! Congrats on selling and building your last home.

  2. Thank you Pinkrage! I started young LOL! I followed your blog! I plain to study it from head to toe in hopes to learn something new so I don't forget to do anything this time around LOL!

    Can you please follow my Blog? That way I can see you under Followers in case I have a question for you along my journey. One can never have to many knowledgeable people to call upon them when building :)

  3. Congratulations Jennifer! I just found your blog and excited to watch you build your Rome! We built our Rome and have now been in it for just over a year. I did a lot of research and our Rome came out amazingly beautiful. It was an amazing process and I am ready to build again. :-)

    It would be mucher easier to follow your blog if you turn off the word verification. It allows bloggers to leave comments without having to decipher these words. Uggghhh. Please and thank you.

  4. Hi: Thank you!!! And thanks for following me too! :)

    I LOVE your blog!! It was one of the first I followed when I started. It was very very helpful! Your home is gorgeous!

    Thank you for telling me about turning off "Word Verification" I had no clue! I just turned it off. I wondered why I didn't have too many followers LOL! Maybe that's why lol!