Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elevations to Consider for our Rome

Elevation C

With Cobble Stone - Adds a 2 Foot Extension on the Loft.  This is my favorite
elevation thus far!

elevation C - Moving on up Home in a Rome


  1. lol..we have this same picture...we drove at least an hour and half to see the model. They currently have a model now in our development. It was built the same month we build our Rome. We were also lucky because Elevation C was not permitted and now only Elevation A & B's can be built until the county releases the permits. We have at least 4 Elevation C Romes in our section. We were blessed to build it before they found out. lol.

  2. Oh wait LOL! Our SR thought we were crazy, we drove 6 Hours to see the Model!!! LOL!! It was so worth it though! It put the seal on the sale for us. I love your elevation with the Porch! Gorgeous!

  3. I don't think its crazy at all. You get to make sure your decision is solid and it's great to get away too. We would make a complete day out of it. We put in a special request for the porch...we waited two months which was worth the wait. This request allowed other people to request the porch on their homes too which is optional.