Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mistake with Guardian Wiring! BEWARE & CHECK at Pre Drywall Meeting!

Yesterday Comcast came to do the Prewire for my Business Internet.  So when he went to the side of the house to find the wires they were not there!  He came to the conclusion that no one put the wires on the outside of the house prior to the Siding and Drywall going up and that the wires were stuck behind the drywall!  He said the only way he could do it  was to drill through my siding and he said it wouldn't be as clean as if they were to have done it properly.  I was panicked and immediately called my PM.  Luckily he was right up the street in my plan so he rushed right over and saved the day!

Initially he thought they were stuck behind the siding.  He popped a few siding pieces, nothing!    However, he knew where they were supposed to be. So he went in my garage and sliced open the drywall right below my Electrical Panel and there they were!   So Guardian forgot to pop them through prior to the siding going up!  He said he never saw that happen before.   So he drill a hole and popped them through and problem solved.  He will come back to repair the drywall next week.  My PM is the BEST!  :)

So when you go to your Pre Drywall Meeting MAKE SURE that Guardian left your wires on the outside of your home.  They are usually over by the where your Air Condition etc is located.  If you don't know where they are suppose to be, just ask your PM and make sure they are there!  If my PM wouldn't have showed up so quickly I would have had to wait another week to get internet!

Ps.  Darla - That's why the comcast guy was snooping around your yard trying to see how they did your wires lol...sorry! :)


  1. wow we will have to compare notes on day. Our wiring was on the wrong side! It was like someone thought we had the standard model and not the reverse. We have a vent in our finished basement that is extremely loud! Watching movies, sporting events, etc. could be a problem. We complained and HVAC guy said it is because the piping or whatever it is right next to it. Ugh!
    Raking that hay is a job! Did you find some good rocks? :-)


  2. @Darla OMG! Yes, We must! That is crazy. I know that my venting runs up that entire wall so I guess that's why it's so loud. But still.. sheesh!

    Owwww, I see you got your Potter Plant - it is Beautiful!!

    Did you hear me out there screaming today LOL! My son was like "Mom!!" Guess I was embarrassing him lol! They know I don't do bugs and spiders yet He had me holding the bag while he's filled it with hay smh!

    And what are those concrete camouflage looking hopping creatures!!!! They look like them baby frogs kind of but their like a cement grey color and you can't see any kind of form to its body or head Uggh Gross!!! LOL! And nope I didn't find any rocks LOL, I was looking too. They're all small. I didn't venture out back though.

    I need to get your email or something LOL! I wanted to knock on your door so bad today... I had some questions. I can ask them here LOL.

    1. Where did you get your sprinkler from? I like how it sprays really wide? Do you have it on a timer?

    2. What is that clear wire mesh thing in the middle of both our property line? It has grass growing under it. I wasn't sure if that belongs to you or Ryan and if at some point its suppose to come up so the grass can be cut? I was clueless...never seen anything like that before.

  3. Okay, those weird looking bugs are new. We only started seeing them this year and I have no idea what they are, but I know they are strange!
    LOL You should of knocked! We can exchange emails.
    1. I got the hose at home depot, that is my new spot! That is where I got the plant today. Thank you, I feel in love with it! Now let's hope I can keep it growing. Back to the hose, ours does not have a timer we just turn it on/off from inside.
    2. I will have to ask hubby what the purpose of the mesh thing is. The landscapers put that down between houses. He asked our PM who explained it. It can come up.


  4. Darla!!! Ok I have been here for 3 weeks and only seen you 1 time LOL!! Where are you! LOL! I love the railings on the deck being built right next to your house. It's been fun watching them go up.

    You'll have to stop by one day and give me your email. I never know when your home and don't want to just pop up LOL.

    I have been so busy unpacking that the time has just flown by. Before you know it winter will be here. Well hope you see this message and hope to see you soon. LOL!