Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad Starter Lawn Job PLUS My DIY Sprinkler System

I must admit we have not done much with the yard due to the fact that Ryan Landscapers did a crappy job with our starter lawn.  There are huge flat boulder rocks and large tree branches still embedded in the dirt.  Some of our shrubs they planted are dying already, but we plan to redo the landscaping anyway so not too concerned about that.

But as far as the lawn is concerned, I informed my PM and he is going to have them come back out and redo it properly and get the rocks and branches out and reseed once it cools down a bit.

In the mean time, we ordered a DIY Sprinkler system setup that seems to work pretty well so we can start properly watering the lawn.  I had a heck of a time trying to get the hose onto those fan sprinklers and then once I did get it on, I couldn't seem to get it to cover the entire front just doesn't have the coverage required or maybe I'm just dum when it comes to sprinklers and didn't have it set right.  Soooo needless to say after spending nearly an hour trying to screw the dum hose on and cutting my knuckles in the process and it STILL DIDN'T WORK RIGHT....I gave up!!!

After a day or so of calming down and revisiting the lawn ordeal.  I said, when all else fails and you don't know what to do or how else to do it - Youtube it LOL!! ;) 

So the setup I'm going with consist of the following:

(2) Orbitz Digital 2 Outlet HT Timers - 1 For Garage and 1 for Backyard (
(3) Rainbird 25 Impact Sprinkler Heads (
(3) Orbitz 58197N Step Bases for Garden Hose and Sprinkler (Amazon)
(3)  Melnor Metal Quick Connection Set (Home Depot)

All seems fairly easy to setup. So I went to Lowes and they didn't have anything that I needed!  UGGGHHH!  They had the timers but all the packages were opened and damaged.  So I had to order everything online except the Melnor Connectors those are at Home Depot.

So if you're interested or struggling like me, which I'm sure your not LOL, I got the setup idea from watching the below Youtube Videos.  Seems pretty simple.  I will share the video or photos once I set it all up in a week or so  :)

Videos I Watched:

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