Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Cheap Landscaping Design and Temporarily Conquered my Fear of Bugs!

I'm so proud of myself! For the first time in 20+ years, I temporarily conquered my fear of bugs/spiders and did my own decorative landscaping/mulching.  A good friend of mine inspired me to buy the ugly rubber boots from Walmart LOL and get out the house and do some yard work.   She said it was fun and relaxing and boy was she right!  Plus it was very rewarding to see the end result! And no bugs LOL! Oh, except for the dead baby bunny. Yikes LOL!

My younger son got it started in the far right corner and taught me how to spread it which was super easy.  About midway through the bed before we ran out of Mulch.  Apparently this stuff is really popular. Our Costco Sold Out of 300+ Bags within a couple of days so I had to drive to another store a little further to get more.

My dad stopped by later and I asked him about the little trees on the corner of the house because they're brown, I thought they were dead.  He said oh no, just reach down in their and cut the brown pieces off and it should be ok.  I was like YEAH RIGHT!  That ain't happening LOL!!!  I haven't reached that level of bug therapy just yet LOL!!! I'll replace it before I go sticking my hand in that thing! LOL!

What We Used:

20 Bags of Rubber Mulch w/Color Guard Lock from Costco - Last 12 Years with Zero Maintenance $8.99 Bag
Large Stones (Free - You can usually find these on your lot or hillside if you have one)
3 Bags of Pond Pebbles (Walmart - $3.44 Bag)

Total Cost $190



  1. This looks great!!! You and I are very much alike with the whole bug and spider thing. I have plans to do some yard work in the next month or so...I will keep you posted and I hope I have the same relaxing outcome as you did! Great job!

  2. Thank you both!! :)

    Eboni: Go get you some rubber boots and tall rubber gloves LOL. It helps alot with minimizing the fear that at least nothing will craw up your shoes so easily lol :)

    Keep me posted :)

  3. Jennifer,
    You did a wonderful job. High five on conquering your fear and making a new discovery about relaxation techniques. The curb appeal is so attractive. I I look forward to doing the same. Nice to see you still hear and I am glad to be back. I am now on a different blog posting about our new build. Please free free to join my site at ourlangleytwo.blogspot.com